Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does your email search system work?

Our reverse email search is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is choose the service you need and then enter the required information to start your search. The system will run through millions of records to find the best match for your query and then show you the results instantly. At this point you can decide whether you would like to purchase a detailed report when available.

2. What types of searches are available on your web site?

Currently offers reverse email records by name or by email address. Further details for marriage records, divorce records, death records, real property records (property and neighborhood checks), bankruptcy/tax lien/civil judgment records, criminal records, and SSN reverse searches are available to upgraded members only.

3. Will my personal information that I sign up with be added to your database?

No, all our data is compiled from outside public and private data vendors packaged together in an easy to use customer interface. All your information is private and NEVER shared with third parties or marketing agencies.

4. What if I have a question not answered by your FAQs, how do I contact you?

Please visit our Help page for details on our client support department.

5. How does reverse email lookup work in general?

The best part about our search engine is that after you type in the email address you need to track down on our search page, the system will search various directories - both public and private - to find you the best email tracer report. If our major database does not contain any matching records, we will use our trusted partner databases to continue the search for a match. Basically, you can check several databases with just one search by using our reverse email service.

6. Do your databases contain unlisted (unpublished) email addresses?

The answer is Yes. We understand that most emails that people are searching these days come from hidden sources, so our top priority is to include these email addresses in all the databases we use for your reverse email searches. Information about a specific email address location, provider, and other details is available for almost all U.S. emails. The availability of ownership details depends on whether the email address is available in the used data sources.

7. Can I do a free reverse email trace?

Basically, when you perform a free reverse email trace on our site, you will first see some basic identifying information about that email, such as its registered state and city, and source type. Detailed tracer reports are not free, however, and there is not a single web site on the Internet that can offer this info for free, especially for email tracing.

8. What is the "Unlimited Reverse Email Tracing" option?

In some cases, you will have an option to subscribe to unlimited reverse email searches. This service will allow you to do unlimited searches from within your account.

9. I paid for the tracer report but did not get confirmation or results. What to do next?

After you have completed a purchase, please check your email (including SPAM folder) for further instructions on how to access your account and view the report.

10. What information about the email owner is available?

11. Is my email search confidential?

All your searches are confidential as outlined in our Terms & Privacy statement.

12. How current is the data provided?

We access a variety of different public records sources from our data partners. As you can imagine, some of the sources are court houses, county and other government offices. These offices can be slow to update public information. We are as current as they are but some of the updates are out of our immediate control.

13. How do I sign into the members area?

Please see the homepage navigation menu and look for Login.

14. I'm having login problems, what do I do?

Please, visit the URL emailed to you right after the sign-up, and use the lost password option to retrieve your login details. Or visit our contact page and let us know.

15. What happens if I don't find what I am looking for?

We use only directories that have a full refund guarantee so you can always request a full refund for any reason. Simply follow the instructions in the email you received after the purchase to find information about how to get your refund.

16. How do I get started and trace an email now?

To start, go here to trace an email now!