Email Header Trace

Email header tracing is easy when you have the right stuff to work with. That right stuff or tool as we like to call it is found on and ready for your header code to be placed inside! It depends on how much advanced information you want out of a email trace to justify spending your time using a header tool or a direct email address tracing tool. In this article we are covering the header trace.

To trace a standard header from a email message you will first want to pull up the message you received in your mailbox and view the header. How to do this depends on your service, but you should be able to look for a view header button or details in all major service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and so on. Free email services or private service does not matter, all will have header information associated with it.

Use our email header trace to search and put a location of the sender. Inside that code is information that includes an IP address from the originator. This IP address reveals details like the ISP, state, host and city as available. Our tool presents this information in a nice format with a map so you can easily understand where the email was sent from and maybe give you some indication of the real owners whereabouts. For further information about the owner you can choose to get a full report that includes their name and address as available also.

There are lots of tricksters and scam types online and people claiming to be who they are not or not really from. Email header tracing gives you an advantage on these kinds of people by revealing their true location as the email you received shows it.